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Do women bring in some (hard)cash for the Korean Economy?

Korea Economic Slice 2012

Go to http://www.koreabusinesscentral.com/forum/topics/new-korea-economic-slice-dr-emanuel-pastreich-the-importance-of-w and find out what Professor Emanuel Pastreich´s opinion about women and the future of Korea.

Do you want to know more about this Professor? Go to his personal Blog: http://www.circlesandsquares.asia or http://www.asia-institute.org.


Half tuition fees: a tool for Korean politicians

Former teacher rejects half tuition fees

Cory Olson a former teacher gave me recently an article written by himself about tuition fees at Korean universities. O boy, when I read his article my heart started to jump! I LOVE controversy and this one was definitely one of those. The sky-high tuition fees drives every Korean parent NUTS! Unfortunately Korea does not have any natural resources like oil, minerals etc. we are depending heavenly on high skilled employees to compete on the world market.

Every Korean parent send his/her kids in the weekends for extra classes to so-called Hagwons. These unpopular weekend schools do exist to pump up the skills of each  child and to relief the working parents(6 days per week).  Korean parents pays a fortune on their kids for extra education including a preferred enrollment into the best Korean universities. These universities come often with very expensive tuition fees. These fees barely can be paid by the parents.

It´s not a surprise that with every elections the Korean politicians are advocating for half tuition fees. But Cory is wondering if that will be the right solution in an overcrowded job market in Korea. Too many high skilled academics and not enough jobs for them to offer a decent living. What are other involved parties are saying about this theme? Read it here.