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Korean New Year

Just after the Koreans celebrated their Korean New Year they are already facing new challenges for the coming year of the Dragon. Kim Jong-Il passed away and his successor seems to follow-up the same political career just like his father. After some rocky times for North Korea everything seems back as usual and the world is now looking out for the coming national elections this year in South Korea.

Times are changing and so does the politics for South Korea. After the mayor elections for the city Seoul where the inhabitants has chosen for a more left-wing way(Park Won Soon). Also can be a forecast of what it will bring with the national elections for a new parliament this spring.

Knowing the Koreans they will after having seen their family during the Seollal, paying respect to their elderly and plenty of Korean Food, getting even more focused to stay on the highest platform of the global economy. Samsung HQ announced recently to invest 20 Billion Dollar in their extended business. Who can follow this up?

Have a great 2012!