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Prof Ha-Joon Chang breaks it down for us!

23 Things They don´t tell you about Capitalism

The new book written by Ha-Joon Chang which holds now a professor chair at Cambridge University UK opens his attack on the so-called the global market wherein the free economy is the keyword as a solution for further economical progression. No need to say that with the recently signed Korean FTAs, KOR-US as well as KOR-EU.  This book is diametrically opposed to the Korean Government Policy.

When I started to do some research on this author for a new Korea Business Interview Series(KBIS) on Korea Business Central, I surprised myself about what the name Ha-Joon Chang brought about among my other Korea minded fans. You can categorize them roughly in two sections: either you love him or you hate him.

If you ask me what my thoughts are about him and his book(s) I can only say it´s worth while to read his most recent book as well an earlier one called: Bad Samaritans. The last one which was forbidden for a while in Korean Army barracks tells a very different view on our so carefully nurtured Free Economy with less governmental involvement.

In the end it turned out for me that although I am about for a minimized governmental involvement I have to admit Ha-Joon Chang does certainly deserves a couple of points in this story. Oh and yes he is a (british)gentleman indeed. I enjoyed very much my  email conversation with him and persuaded him to do an interview for us.

You can find our podcast/mp3/written interview here: http://www.koreabusinesscentral.com/forum/topics/korea-business-central-exclusive-interview-professor-ha-joon-chan and his biography here: http://www.hajoonchang.net/