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Violins & Maestro Myung Whun Chung

Upstream Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra

Since late summer 2011 my 8-year old daughter is totally in love with violins and more. We took her to Concertgebouw a foremost prestigious concert hall in Europe. Personally I could not resist this special evening concert with Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Maestro Myung Whun Chung. For the first time this orchestra did a small European Concert Tour. Wow! How often can a real born Korean Ajumma see and hear Korean musicians in her second homeland Netherlands?! A chance I wouldn´t never ever throw away! After this concert I wrote a short review in a Korean paper: JoongAng Daily. Here my review quoted:

Last Friday, the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra played for the very first time for European classical music fans at the famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. This European concert tour marks a new level of Asian musicians performing western classics .
 Holding the hand of my 8-year-old daughter, we listened together for 2 hours to Maestro Chung Myung-hun as his orchestra took us into his wonderful musical landscape and offered a wide palette of colorful notes ending with a beautiful Rachmaninoff & Brahms.
The satisfied Dutch audience gave these Korean musicians a well-deserved applause and stood while the Maestro left the scene.

Well well now not only myself but also my little -eki- is wanting for more……thus this Omma is looking for a new violin. Don´t worry it wouldn´t be for me but for my -eki- who wants to take violin lessons. Maybe within 10 years I can see my kid playing in a professional (Korean)orchestra 🙂