About Ajumma

Did you ever wonder about the meaning of the korean word -Ajumma-? Many years I was more than happy to say: I am an -Agassi-. Agassi means something like an attractive unmarried young girl. Instead of Ajumma which comes with a much more mature image. Ajumma is a middle-aged woman, married and above all seen as a bottle of makgolli which expired a long time ago. Huh? Am I already in that stage of life? Yes indeed I am no longer 20-something anymore(but I am not married either). Lets see if this Ajumma can inspire you to dig into everything South Korea has to offer: Business – Culture – Politics and other random funny topics.


Ajumma Eun-Shil

I recommend you to take a quick(palli palli) look to this site http://www.KoreaBusinessCentral.com. You will see that this Ajumma pops up again. Smile! Read my Relay Interview here.

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