Korea the really younger smarter brother of China?

Korea vs China

This summer 2011 after a brainstorm session with lots of good wine on my office desk I decided to propose a new Korea Economic Slice for KoreaBusinessCentral.com. Ouch, easier said than done! Now I had to work out a shortlist of writers and to think about the themes. Immedately one theme came up in my mind  after watching a documentary about the rise and shine of China when communistic Chinese government decided to engage more with the western countries. Hey! Thats sounds familiar to me.

After the Korean War and entering the ´60s the Korean government paved the way for Korean companies to get rid off the heritage that their Japanese predecessors left behind and started developing the modern backbone of the arising Korean global economy: Chaebols, huge conglomerates with tentacles in every conceivable business venture. How lucky I was to get two writers who were interested in my theme: Is Korea really the younger smarter brother of China? Here the two writers short bio´s:

Robert Eberenz worked his way up from being an ESL teacher in Korea to take within a year(!) a quantum leap to become a Senior Analyst for a boutique Investment Firm Puji Capital in Shanghai, China mainland. He founded the first Korea Economic Slice. And oh boy he is doing very well. Young eager and ever sharp he produced within my deadline a solid piece with substantiated figures and numbers. Dang! That was were I was looking for! Are you merely curious now? Read his piece here: http://www.koreabusinesscentral.com/forum/topics/new-korea-economic-slice-robert-eberenz-is-korea-really-the-young.

Stephane Mot  came to Korea around 1991 for the very first time. After a position at the French Embassy in Seoul he also survived 3 major Business start-ups and started as one of the first Power Bloggers on the world-wide web about Korea. And if that is not even good enough he wrote on the side a book in french called: Dragedies. He lives for many years in Seoul and currently he holds a position as Senior Advisor of Seoul Global Biz Center. His article with my theme I forwarded it to Korea Herald who placed his article in paper version as well in online version. Read here his view on Korea vs China: http://www.koreaherald.com/national/Detail.jsp?newsMLId=20111127000277


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