Korea Modern Times 1910-1945


Korea is more than tablets and smartphones

Dear readers, last week I went to a vernissage of a new exhibiton at Leiden Volkenkunde Museum. A very special content were displayed in one section of the museum. If you ask anyone in the street about Korea before the big Chaebols did enter the Korean society from aprox 50 to 100 years earlier on I think you will get no answer at all. The history of this so much closed korean society is still hidden behind the palace doors of language difficulties and cultural differences.

This exhibition shows the visitor a look behind the scenes of the life of Korean people under the pressure of their occupiers called: Japan. But there is more. Little pamphlets and daily objects are also shown in glass display cases and tells their story on their own.

Professor Remco Breuker who professes Korean Studies at Leiden University was responsible for bringing out this exhibition. I spoke to him at the  -vernissage- and there is much more interesting about the current research(es) he is working on…..writing dictionaries, translating literary high culture korean novels, too much to mention over here. I definitely wants him next year for an interview on Korea Business Central! If you are this year around christmas time in the Netherlands, go & see!  


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